Amazing 23-year-old restoration on this epic YZ125 from Rado @dirtniron

I fell in love with 125cc 2 stroke engines several years ago when I first rode YZ125 on the track and clutched it just right in one of the corners. The sound, power and the feeling coming out of that turn got me addicted to these fun 125cc bikes! We got together with my friend Jay Clark and decided it’s time for a dream YZ125 build! We found a 2001 YZ125 for $700 that needed a lot of love, perfect candidate for a Dream 125 build! We like the look of these older models and had no intention using restyle plastic kits. We wanted to know how good these bikes were back in the days 23 years ago once they had dialed in suspension and engine. 

We did not change plastic and kept the majority of the parts stock, however we were a little creative with the colors. This build was inspired by the cool red-white look of YZ’s from the mid 80’s. We went down to the frame and rebuilt pretty much everything. Engine has been modified by Tom Morgan Racing to 134cc bore with custom head and porting designed for race fuel only. Stock 2001 suspension has been completely rebuilt and dialed by Racetech, they also hard anodized our fork and shock for extra durability and a cool look. Lots of hydroblasting, cerakoting, anodizing, zinc plating, wrenching, elbow grease and time went into this 23 years old project bike to make it look and ride better than new.  

DBTV feels that $700 was too much to pay for this junk pile

TMR modded 134cc, SpecBolt, V-Force and Brad with Parapros and Sano Metal Finishing

Race Tech takes on these old builds and does Hard Anodize

ODI bars and Lock-On grips with San Diego Powder Coating

ICW straighten and braces up the old radiators

One Slovakian and one guy just helping out

Wiseco Performance Products         

56mm Top end kit 

Clutch basket with Gear 

CV4 High Temp Radiator Cap 


Torque Drive Clutch plates 


Pro X Racing Parts     

Connecting Rod Rebuild kit 

Main bearings & Crank seals

Cranks seals

Carb rebuild kit

Throttle cable

Clutch cable

Front sprocket

Rear sprocket alloy

MX Chain gold

Upper & lower chain roller

Steering bearing kit

Swing arm bearing kit

Swing arm linkage bearing kit

Front wheel bearing kit

Rear wheel bearing kit


Cylinder porting & set up for 134cc

Head Mod 

Millennium Tech                  

Strip, re-pair damage and re-plate to 56mm TMR spec 

Cometic Gasket

Engine gaskets

Parapros Brad 


Engine Rebuild 

Wheel Build/assy

Cranks by Andrew Langston 


Crankshaft rebuild with ProX rod kit 

FMF Racing                                      

Fatty exhaust            

Shorty Silencer                                    

Dunlop Tire

MX33 front   

MX33 Rear  

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants                   

R-50 Two-Stroke Pre-Mix & Chemicals

Clarke Manufacturing

OEM style/sized Fuel Tank


Radiator straightening and bracing

Uni Filter                 

Two-stage Air Filter  

DeCal Works                                                  

Semi-Custom Graphics kit                    

Preprinted number plates backgrounds   

Frame tape 

MX Plastics 

Full plastic kit   

Mud Flap

Moto Seat    

Custom Seat Cover 

Works Connection  

Hour Meter & Mount 


Front Brake Rotating bar mount 

Elite Clutch Perch Assy 

Front Brake Cap 

Steering stem nut 


V-Force Reed Cage      


MX V2 Lock On Grips

7/8 Bars 


Race Tech             

Suspension Re-Valve and set up

Hard Anodize 

Galfer USA

Brake line rear   

Brake line front  

Front oversized Rotor

Rear Rotor

Front & Rear Brake Pads


Specbolt Fasteners  

Engine and Plastic complete bolt kit 

Rear sprocket bolt kit


Titanium Footpegs  

San Diego Powder Coating             

Sandblasting, powder with super-durable clear, and “race prep masking’  

Tusk Off road  

Front Rim 

Rear Rim

Front Spoke kit

Rear Spoke kit 

VP Fuel  

C12 Fuel 


Zinc plating stock hardware 

Fasst Co

Rear Brake Return Spring

Rear Brake Clevis 

Sano Metal Finishing

Vapor Honing & Cerakoting

Tech 167 3D Printing  


Swing Arm Plugs 3D printed