Photo Credit: Donnie Bales @donniebales28

The Red 300XC is visually stunning for those who want to stand out from the Orange crowd. Wiseco is at the core of the engine.

Our good buddy and favorite Slovakian Rado, tested this machine and you can check out the video right here. 

For this build we grabbed another one of my old bikes which I had sold to my buddy Jim. He has it plated in Arizona where he has a place and rides most of the year.

We have loved these 300XC bikes ever since they came out in the summer of 2016 (the 2017 model) when we got our fist one.  We have played with Lectron Carbs and many other mods but have learned that the 2017-2019 XC are simply amazing bikes that are very durable.  We have seen these bike running for well over 300 hours on the stock cranks. Piston replacements in the 80-120 hour range seem to be standard.  

We have skipped out on the TPI generation of these XC bikes because of a list of potential issues.  We are optimistic that new new TBI bikes will prove better so for now we are just fine with the Keihin carb update from JD Jetting on our Red 300XC build.   

P3 protection for outside and Rekluse TorqueDrive for the inside.

For this bike we kept the mods simple to the engine and suspension while concentrating on making the bike more durable in tough trail conditions with a bit more power.  TMR re-cut the cylinder head for more compression and performance.   A V-Force Reed cage and FMF system are added on for power and tractability.   

With the suspension of the AER48 Air fork is not our favorites however they are pretty good for trails and Race Tech does a great job modifying these units. The stock shock is good but too soft for just about any Vet guy over 170lbs.   

The Taco Moto Co Tidy Tail fits amazingly well with the all-in-one brake/blinker.

This bike received the full Taco Moto Co treatment with the all new Plug N Play Dual Sport Wire Harness.  This along with their Blinkers & Tidy Tail has us fully legal and ready to connect our trails with a bit of asphalt.   

The big eye catcher of this build is that this is the only Red 300XC (carb bike) out there. With the help of MX Plastics we got this bike turned into a very unique looking machine.  To do this we only needed a GASGAS tank from IMS.  The seat and subframe are all the same on a 2019 version for this build.   On the 2017-18 models I do not see a good option yet to do this.   

JD Jetting 38mm Keihin and Enduro Engineering Clutch Master guard. ProX X-Ring chain and Steel Sprockets hold up nicely.

IMS Tank is needed to complete the Red GASGAS conversion and helps on the long rides.

MotoMinded has us dialed with the headlight & Enduro Engineering on the hand guards.

Decal Works and MX Plastics nailed the look of this unique looking 300XC.

Motoseat custom seat cover for looks/function and FMF 2.1 silencer for smooth tractable power.

146 hours on the original KTM hour meter which Spencer and Jay logged 120 of. ODI Bars and Lock on grips are a must. Trail Tech Endurance II for checking speed & miles. 

Double Take Mirrors tuck away very nicely. ODI lock on grips with Works Connection clutch cap.

Taco Moto Blinkers are so hidden and trim. ICW radiator mods. 

Also if you are a big 300 two-stroke fan and you missed out on our recent 2017 TX300 build video/story please check it at Dirt Bike Test.

Wiseco Performance Products

CV4 High Temp Radiator Cap 

Top-End Piston kit 

Pro X Racing Parts     

Rear Steel Sprocket 

Front Sprocket

Gold X-Ring Chain  

Steering bearing kit       

Brake Pads  

Cometic Gasket

Engine gaskets

FMF Racing   

Gnarly Pipe

Ersberg Factory 2.1 silencer 


Cylinder Head Mod


V-Force Reed Cage      

MX Plastics

Full plastic kit for Red GASGAS

Mud Flap


JD Jetting

38mm Keihin Carburetor with Jet Kit 

P3 Carbon  

FMF Pipe carbon guard 

Carbon Skid plate 


Coolant Catch Can 

Large Fuel tank for GASGAS 

Taco Moto Co.

TMC Plug and Play Dual Sport Lighting Harness Kit

TMC Tidy Tail Kit (All one Brake light/Running light/Blinkers)

TMC LED Flasher Relay

TMC LED Flasher Indicator Adapter

TMC 360 Fork Wrap Turn Signals with Run Light Feature

TMC Left Hand Master Switch

Sicass Ignition Key from TMC 

Double Take Mirror

Left side Enduro Mirror  

DeCal Works                                                 

Semi-Custom Graphics kit                    

Pre printed number plates backgrounds      

Works Connection 

Factory II  Stand   

Front & Rears brake caps

Rotating bar clamp

Steering stem nut

Rear Chain adjuster blocks


Dunlop Tire

AT81 Front  80/100-21

AT81EX Gummy Rear  110/100-18

Uni Filter       

Two-Stage Air Filter  


Titanium Footpegs  


Core Manual Torque Drive  

Clutch Cover 


Radiator straightening and bracing           


Moto Seat                                           

Custom Cool seat cover

Trail Tech                                                    

Radiator Fan                                                                  



MX V2 Lock On Grips

Handle Bars Flight Champ Bend   

Bullet Proof designs  

Rear Swing arm guard 

Fastway Pro Moto billet

Linkage with guard 

Tusk Off road  

Oversized Rotor/Adaptor Bracket

Rear Rotor

Sprocket Bolts

Rotor Bolts

Lithium Battery 

Rear Rotor Guard

Race Tech             

Suspension Re-Valve and set-up  

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants                    

R-50 Two-Stroke Pre-Mix

Fasst Co

Rear Brake Return Spring

Enduro Engineering

Clutch Cylinder Guard 

Wrap around Hand guards 

Moto Minded

Super Mount
Head light custom bracket/set up  

Baja Designs Headlight 

Light Switch holder 

Lisince Plate holder 

Jay Clark/DBTV1

Instagram: @dirtbiketv1