Photo Credit: Rado Bartovic @dirtniron

The YZ85LW is a true dream bike for any young rider and Timmy is excited to keep progressing on this great looking machine. Decal Works hit a home run with these custom graphics.

Rado & Timmy made a cool video on this bike. Check it out here.

The new 2023 YZ85 LW is a large wheel version of the already popular YZ85 which was updated in 2019. This past year, my son Timothy was getting comfortable on aa older Yamaha TTR125, working on the clutch, gear shifting and all that good stuff. He has just now turned twelve-years-old and we understand that he needs a serious or “real” dirt bike if he wants to improve his skills/speed to enter local youth races as well. This new YZ85LW has proven to be the answer we were looking for. It is still an 85cc but the larger wheels allows for a taller rider to feel more comfortable and to work towards being ready sooner for a full size YZ125 in the future.

Motoseat makes exactly what you want and has plenty of standard designs ready to choose from.

When I committed to buying my son (who has good grades and makes good choices) the YZ85, I thought why not make it a bit custom.  It was slightly used, so Jay Clark helped me make it better than new by doing a mini-project build with it. I wanted to make it special for my son and surprise him with this build. His favorite Yamaha rider is Christian Craig #28, so we picked that number and worked on custom graphics with Decals MX. We got a custom matching seat cover from Motoseat, replaced the stock drivetrain with durable ProX parts, Rekluse Torque Drive, IMS foot pegs and tires from Dunlop (MX12 rear for the sandy GHR and Cahuilla tracks we ride). Race Tech freshened up the suspension.  

Rekluse TorqueDrive is not just for the big bikes. FMF Fatty is durable as long as you don’t drop it in the truck. 

For the engine mods we kept it very simple with a V-Force Reed Cage and a new Wiseco top end kit installed. We did have some issues with the stock jetting but after trying out the JD Jetting kit we ended up with a 45 Pilot, 148 Main, Blue Needle in 3rd position and we seem to have no issues with fouling plugs or bogs. The FMF pipe and silencer really woke this little ripper up, especially on the bottom.

Wiseco is all about 2-Strokes.

The bike turned out great! Looking and running really well the the best was seeing my son’s face when he first saw the bike and taking it for a first ride was worth everything!  As a beginner rider this bike has really helped Timmy progress and improve his riding over the past few months.   He will be riding this bike for a bit longer while his skills improve and he is more prepared for that YZ125 dream bike.

The FMF shorty has got that great sound and we have a Turbine Core for the trails.

ODI has big size “mini” bars with their V2 Lock-On grips.

Works Connection Elite Perch is the standard for cable clutches.

ProX has recently added chains and sprockets to their line up.

Wiseco Performance Products         

Racer Elite Piston 

CV4 High Temperature Radiator cap

Cometic Gasket

Engine gaskets

Pro X Racing Parts     

Front sprocket

Rear sprocket alloy

MX chain


Clutch Cover 

TorqueDrive Clutch Plate kit 

JD Jetting

Jet kit  45 Pilot, 148 Main, Blue Needle in 3rd position


V-Force Reed Cage      

FMF Racing                                   

Factory Fatty exhaust         

Shorty Silencer                                    


Dunlop Tire  

MX33 front   

MX12 Rear  

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants                   

R-50 Two-Stroke Pre-Mix & Chemicals

Uni Filter                 

Two-Stage Air Filter  

DeCal Works                                               

Semi-Custom Graphics kit                    

Preprinted number plates backgrounds   

Moto Seat    

Custom Seat Cover 

Works Connection  

Hour Meter and Mount 


Front Brake Rotating bar mount 

Brake Reservoir cap Front 

Elite Clutch Perch Assy 

Pro Launch Holeshot Device 

Oil Filler plug


MX V2 Lock On Grips

Podium CFT Bars -Champ Bend 



Suspension set up 



MX Plastics

Full plastic kit   

Mud Flap