Photo shoot day on the Ride Red Twisted Development Dual Injector CRF250R
ODI bars & lock on grips, Moto Seat, and Decal Works for an amazing look
Rekluse TorqueDrive, Fasst Co brake clevis/spring, and Scar foot pegs
FMF 50th year Muffler and Uni Filter
ProX Chain & Sprockets with Dunlop MX14 scoop
Kris Keefer floating over Glen Helen
Observing Spencer Owens in action with the CRF out in the wild
Dual Injector for more Vet friendly power
Twisted Development 
Full Dual Injector kit with Mapped ECU   
Torque Drive Clutch plates 
Outer Cover
Pro X Racing Parts           
Rear Sprocket  
Front Sprocket  
Gold X-Ring Race Chain  
Race Tech
Re-valve and set up
FMF Racing –                                  
RCT 4.1 Full system                         
Dunlop Tire                             
MX33 Front Tire
MX14 Rear Tire


Works Connection                                  
Brake Caps 
Rotating bar clamps 
Valve Stem Caps 
Works Stand II
Axle Blocks 
Steering Stem nut 
Pro-Launch Holeshot device
Pro Perch Clutch 
Hour Meter & Mount 
Radiator guards
Oil filler plug 
DeCal Works                                                 
Semi-Custom Graphics kit “Chrome Base”
Pre printed number plates backgrounds  
Emig 2.0 Lock On Grips
CFT Podium MX Champ Bend Handlebars 
Moto Seat                                        
Custom Cool seat cover
MX Plastics    
Full plastic kit   
Mud Flap
Uni Filter                                    
Two-Stage air filter                     


Titanium Footpegs  
VP Fuel 
T4 Fuel