Photos Donnie Bales  @donniebales28

David O’Connor is a great mechanic and an even better friend (best Irish buddy I have ever had).

We got to shoot this bike with Rado @dirtniron at our private track for a great time. Check out the video to see us all having some good fun on an amazing bike.

We have all been very excited about the new generation KTM and our good Irish buddy David O’Connor @docmx30 was quick to get himself a new one even if he was still healing up from another knee surgery. While David was rehabbing his knee we figured why not trick out his 350SXF a bit.

We love the look of this new generation KTM & with Decal Works we have a great custom race look.

For this build we kept it very simple with no internal engine mods. The engine on the new bike is great and just adding a Vortex ECU mapped from Twisted Development makes it even more amazing. The motor runs cleaner with more power and less chance of stalling. We also added a Torque Drive Rekluse clutch to help clutch durability and performance. We also added an FMF pipe and Race Tech set up the stock suspension for David’s larger vet rider size.

ODI is known for lock on grips but they also have great Cross Bar handle bars with the CFT technology.

Dunlop MX33 on Nacstar wheels.

ProX sprocket with MX33 and Nacstar rear wheel.

Motoseat makes whatever you have in mind and the FMF makes the KTM sound and run better/cleaner.

Rado @dirtniron also loves to ride new project bikes and he is a 350 fan.

Rekluse makes a Torque Drive Manual clutch set up for the new KTM.

More Motoseat and FMF with custom Decal Works graphics.

Parting shot of an amazing KTM 350SXF.

Twisted Development

Vortex ECU with custom mapping 

Race Tech             

Suspension Re-Valve and set up

FMF Racing                                    

Full Exhaust system with RCT 4.1 Muffler                             

Pro X Racing Parts     

Rear Sprocket  

Front Sprocket  

Dunlop Tire                     

MX33 Front Tire

MX33 Rear Tire


Works Connection                                   

Works Stand II

Axle Blocks 

Pro-Launch Holeshot device

DeCal Works                                       

Semi-Custom Graphics kit               

Pre printed number plates backgrounds


CFT Champ Bend bars

V2 lock on grips 

Uni Filter                                     

Two-Stage air filter                     



Torque Drive Clutch plates 

Outer Cover

Nacstar Wheels

Complete wheel set 

Moto Seat                                         

Custom Cool seat cover

Klotz Lubricants

Oils & Chemicals 

VP Fuel  

T4 Fuel  


Jay Clark/DBTV  

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