Photos – Donnie Bales  @donniebales28

A fresh 20-year-old 2-stroke build will always have you with thumbs up.

For this 2003 Kawasaki KX125 we worked with our US Air Force buddy Brent Griffiths @brentgrffiths17  We have built bikes together over the years and this one did not disappoint for the KX fans out there.   The key to these older builds is the “core bike” you start with and that its sound and was not raced is a always best.   This KX125 was just that and Brent started with was a bit of a diamond in the rough.  With any 20-year-old bike will need some work and attention, this one did need some but Brent and I got the good parts coming and dug in deep with a full frame up restoration.   

The frame has a sparkle to the grey and Race Tech is a master of fixing up the older bike suspension.

The outcome is amazing and we had Swap Moto Live shoot their last ever model shoot with the bike and we also have a good walk around video of the bike to help motivate you to go and build your own 2-Stroke.

FMF Fatty, Spec Bolt, Pro X inside the engine with a Andrew Langston built crankshaft.

Brad @parapros rebuilt the engine and carb. V-Force Reed cage and Wiseco Piston providing power to the KX125.

ODI Podium Flight bars with Motion Pro Lock-on grips and Works Connection lever set ups.

Purple or the way it looks now? Which is better?

ProX chain and Sprockets, Raptor Footpads, TMD chain guide and of course Dunlop MX33 tires.

Our good buddy Donnie Bales shooting the KX125.

Galfer rotors, pads and lines with Faster USA build wheels from stock hubs.

MotoSeat custom makes our seats to match our amazing Decal Works graphic designs.

KX125 with a very custom look from Decal Works.

This bike is featured in Swap Moto Live’s last ever Pin-Up Feature.

Wiseco Performance Products      

Standard bore top end kit 

Clutch basket  

Clutch Plate Kit

CV4 High Temp Radiator Cap 

Pro X Racing Parts     

Connecting Rod Rebuild kit 

Main bearings & Crank seals

Carb rebuild kit

Throttle cable

Clutch cable

Clutch Inner Hub
Cutch Pressure Plate 

Front sprocket

Rear sprocket alloy

MX Chain gold

Upper & lower chain roller

Steering bearing kit

Swing arm bearing kit

Swing arm linkage bearing kit

Front wheel bearing kit

Rear wheel bearing kit



Engine Rebuild 

Carburetor Rebuild & set up

Millennium Tech                  

Strip, re-pair damage and re-plate Cylinder 

Cometic Gasket

Engine gaskets

Cranks by Andrew Langston 


Crankshaft rebuild with ProX rod kit 

FMF Racing                                      

Fatty exhaust            

Shorty Silencer                                    

Dunlop Tire  

MX33 front   

MX33 Rear  

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants                   

R-50 Two-Stroke Pre-Mix & Chemicals

Uni Filter                 

Two-stage Air Filter  

DeCal Works                                                  

Semi-Custom Graphics kit                    

Preprinted number plates backgrounds   

Frame tape 

MX Plastics 

Full Flo Plastic kit   

Mud Flap

Moto Seat    

Custom Seat Cover 

Works Connection  

Hour Meter & Mount 


Front Brake Rotating bar mount 

Elite Clutch Perch Assy 

Front & Rear Brake Caps 

Front Brake Lever

Chain Blocks

Rear Caliper Guard


V-Force Reed Cage      


MX V2 Lock On Grips— Motion Pro 

ODI Podium Flight Bars 


Race Tech             

Suspension Re-Valve and set up


Galfer USA

Brake line rear   

Brake line front  

Front Rotor

Rear Rotor

Front & Rear Brake Pads


Specbolt Fasteners  

Engine and Plastic Nickel Works complete bolt kit 

Rear sprocket bolt kit

San Diego Powder Coating             

Sandblasting, powder with super-durable clear, and “race prep masking’  

Faster USA  

Complete Wheel Build 

TM Designs

Rear Chain Guide 

VP Fuel  

C12 Fuel 

Sano Metal Finishing

Vapor Honing & Cerakoting

Raptor Titanium

Titanium Footpegs